Shark Quest Arabia

Non for profit shark protection

Shark Quest Arabia was established in 2004, the decimation of the shark population throughout the Arabian Gulf was becoming an extinction level event. 100, 000,000 sharks a year are killed for there fins

2 Can Design is very pationate about marine life, with over 20 years experience in Diving we understood the dilema ahead. Our focus was to create awareness and help stop the finning for a mere soup which the shark fin has no added taste or flavour, its purely a status symbol. With the use of a direct brand development and support material the message got out.


  • Logo (brand mark)
  • Advertising
  • Brochures/flyers
  • Web site map
  • Business card
  • T Shirts
  • Brand style guide
  • Social media templates
Having known both Paul and Chris through sport diving we were pleased they offered there services to support our cause. SQA – Dubai UAE.
Shark Quest Arabia
Shark Quest Arabia